Salmon Cakes with blistered Edamame, Peas, Corn and Tomatoes


Salmon Cakes

12 oz Fresh Salmon
1/4 onion
1/4 c flour
Salt and pepper
1/4 c crème fraiche
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/3 c panko crumbs

Finely chop onion. Cube salmon and place in food processor. Pulse a few times, until very coarsely chopped.  Add half the panko, all of th creme fraiche, chives, salt and pepper, egg and flour and mix by hand. Divide equally into fours. Form a patty and coat with the rest of the Panko crumbs. Pan fry until crisp on both sides and salmon is cooked through.

1 corn cob, ears cut off
1/4 c edamame
1/4 c fresh peas
10 yellow cherry tomatoes
Salt and Pepper
2 T Pepitas

Mix above together and roast in a skillet. Stir and removed from heat when browned. Place on top of salmon cake.

Creme Fraiche
Salt and Pepper

Place on top of salmon cake and blistered veggies.




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