How to Recover?!?! Write a book?

It’s been nearly two years since I have been classified as healthy and maintained a healthy weight. Two years and I still feel like I am fat everytime I look into the mirror. I am told I am beautiful, but I just fail to see it. I am working on my mental image of myself and trying to look nice and take care of myself, when it struck me. I know…

I really shouldn’t have needed a lightning bolt but when I look back I am disappointed by how I was raised, by things that Americans look at and do, and even words I feel like triggered my obsessions. I was taught to always clean my plate, even if I didn’t dish it up. I was taught that it was my job as a female to please my husband, clean, cook for him, and so much more. We grow up in a world now where, skinny tiny people are on the cover of every magazine, in advertisements, and on tv. We aspire to be so thin that it is unhealthy, and yet the obesity rate keeps rising.

My 6 year old neice says she is on a diet! How in the hell did she even learn what a diet was? Why is it that I can’t just enjoy a small dessert without the need to binge? Why does every food come in fat-free, low-fat and every other gimicky variety?

I started to think, really think. If we should enjoy everything in moderation why don’t we teach that to our kids? Why don’t we get our kids more involved in meal preparation, planning and start teaching them young how to enjoy food and not to make it your enemy? That is my goal. I am using some friends to test some recipes and my goal is to write a healthier cookbook with some not so healthy things as well to get kids cooking and involved. This isn’t your parents healthy cookbook, it will not contain words like diet, low-fat, and all these items. Instead it will be directed to kids to make cooking fun, colorful, and in the end if it’s a little healthier hopefully that will be a part of their lifestyle as they go on.


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