Asada Breakfast Tacos


Yum! Nothing better than eggs and steak for breakfast.
1 flank steak cut into thin strips
1 onion, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
4 eggs
Chili Powder
Salt and Pepper
Corn Tortillas
Refried beans
Avocado, queso fresco, salsa, tomatoes, cilantro…. for toppings

The tortillas and beans are best homemade. Trust me!

Heat skillet to medium high. Add a little oil and saute beef and onions until pretty well cooked. Add spices until you reach desired taste. We like ours a little crispy. Add bell peppers. Then lightly beat eggs and add. Continue cooking until eggs are done. Serve with warm tortillas, refried beans, and toppings of your choice.


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