Sushi Class


Every once in a while I take a cooking class. It started as a way to help a friend and an excuse to hang out. It has now become an experiment to make things I never get to make at home.  This time it was sushi with Chef Aaron at Harmon’s.
I don’t think I could rave enough about this class. It was less expensive than the other classes I have taken. (Never take a Viking School class). It was every bit as good as the Sur La Table ones I have taken. He discusses prep, history, talked about knife skills, and then was a pleasant host and teacher throughout. Do not get me wrong, I love Sur la Table, but at 30-40 dollars less a class this is a great option, and one I will repeat.

My Creations:


Roll 1: spicy mayo, unagi, salmon, salmon roe, more salmon, mackrel, cucumber, avocado and carrot.


Roll 2: lime, jalapeño, panko, ponchu, imitation crab, avocado

Roll 3: roe, imitation crab, cucumber, umami, avocado


Roll 4: Shredded cooked salmon, avocado, those long Asian mushrooms, scallions, mackerel, umami, spicy mayo, panko, micro greens, Thai chili sauce


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