Blue Cornmeal/Polenta


Nothing gives me more pleasure than making things from scratch. Though I occasionally used boxed or canned goods, it always is a sore point for me. If I can make it and use less processed items, I want to.


Grinding corn is pretty simple. I ran into some beautiful dried Indian ears and just had to make blue cornmeal.

Start by course grinding your corn. I used a Kitchenaid mill attachment. I love my Kitchenaid, though I still hand knead bread… Most of the time. You see, bread is something I make on a bad day. I can take out all anger and aggression on the dough and turn it in to something beautiful.


Let’s get back to the corn. After running it through it a course grind, run it through again and again gradually getting a finer grain each time. Once you reach the consistency you want, stop. Yes that’s it!



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