Olive Bar Red Pepper Sauce Pasta


I had some leftover red pepper sauce we froze from the last pasta recipe and decide to take a more manly spin on it for my husband.

I picked up the roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes, kalmata olives right from the olive bar.

Olive Bar Pasta

1/4 Roasted red pepper
1/4 c Roasted tomato
1 Hot Italian sausage link
2 Tomatoes (I used garden tomatoes I blanched and froze for the winter)
1/2 c Kalmata Olive
1 c Roasted Pepper Sauce
1 t Better than Bouillon
1 t Garlic
2 c uncooked Pasta
1 c mozarella
Salt and Pepper

Cook pasta and drain. Slice roasted tomatoes, red peppers and mix with pasta and kalmata olives.

Preheat oven to 375 F. Place pasta mix in an oven proof casserole dish. Cook sausage and slice. Heat tomato, red pepper sauce, bullion, garlic, and salt and pepper in a small sauce pan. Use immersion blender to blend tomatoes into the sauce. Pour over pasta. Top with cheese and sausage. Bake 15-20 minutes.



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