Happiness is a warm puppy….

So for the first time in eons, I am feeling 100% happy.  I keep waiting for the bubble to burst, because that’s the kind of person I am…. but for now lets share why.  Saturday we adopted a baby sister for Charli.  Wow, that sounds like a human, well in my world dogs are my life, my kids, and the reason I get up.  Literally!  If I am not out of bed at an acceptable time, Charli makes sure I am.

Now I posted Charli awhile ago, and she sure has grown:


I guess that while having just Charli, I loved her, but you could tell when we weren’t around she was lonely.  She was bored.  So here come’s little Lucy.

IMG_20131124_125814_866 IMG_20131124_124932_784

So far, both dogs are terrified of each other.  Charli is way too fast and rambunctious for the cautious tiny Lucy, and Charli cannot figure out why one of her “toys” walks.  She is all fun and games until Lucy moves, or heaven forbids, tries to run.  Then they are both scarred.

I think it will take some time, but in the end Lucy and Charli will be good friends and better for each other.  I guess this is why I am so happy, I finally feel like my family is whole and that we are doing good by Charli.  She is a spoiled little girl, but she was missing a friend.  Now that I have the task of reconnecting as well, it’s nice to see it work out at a smaller level.  Maybe there is hope for me, after-all.

And finally, just for laughs.  Here is the little “Gremlin” now.



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