Let’s be honest!  I no longer look forward to the holidays.  I miss the simple days when Thanksgiving was about cooking with my mom, watching football, playing family games and just plain spending time together.  When Christmas with a single mom, meant we got pajamas, made cookies and watched movies.

A lot of this changed as I got older, my mom met someone else and his kids were a bit more privilaged than we were used too.  This turned Christmas into a battle of “…well Mom got me this, and you only got me…”  What a joke!  Because my mom could spend more and didn’t want us to feel left out, Christmas got bigger.  I watched my siblings become programmed with expectations of Christmas.  I was 16 at the time, so I would like to think that I was not at affected.

Then I met my husband, and his family is even worse.  His mom will text him what she wants for her birthday and for Christmas and basically tell you that’s ALL and I mean ALL she wants.  He is the same way, he doesn’t want surprises, just get him what he asks for.  Now, I on the other hand love the look on someones face when the thing you have spent months and months on completely floors them.  My favorite thing is to pick out the perfect gift for everyone, and I have loved it.

I hate watching these changes, the commercialization, the stress and just how plain predictable it has all gotten.  I want to go back to the days of pajamas and cookies.

Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday, I mean food, football and family.  All my favorite things in one day.  Then my husband changed that.  He refuses to spend it anywhere but his parents (long story.  Basically he doesn’t get along with my dad… and my mom celebrates it on a different day so my siblings can go to my dad’s or their in-laws).  I don’t want to go into all the details because I could rant about it.  But basically my over controlling mother-in-law won’t let me do anything but the dishes.  And everyone else hides from her.  They don’t even watch football or the parade!

Can we go back to less complicated?


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