Fake it until you feel it!

I have been reading a wonderful book called Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg, and am really surprised at how much I identify with the book.  It’s not about my weight and food issues, instead it’s about how women in general tend to underrate themselves, not take risks, and in general are much more emotionally critical then men.

For every story she tells about a specific issue, I have one about that same issue.  I am now feeling pathetic that I can be so boxed into this category and I am going to start trying to change my self destructing behavior.  My goal for today is to fake it until I feel it.  I am going to act like I am confident, competent and happy.  I am going to smile until I really feel it in my soul.  I am going to not let others make me feel incompetent or small.  And like Sheryl, perhaps I will begin to feel it.


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