Parsnip Chips


Easy recipe, great with hummus.

Parsnip Chips

Slice parsnip thin with a mandolin, food processor or just a knife.

Place on a paper towel on a plate in a single layer. Sprinkle salt and pepper or other seasonings on top. Microwave high 4-5 minutes or until edges slightly brown.

Without opening door let sit 1 minute, then microwave an additional 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to burn. They will continue cooking 3-4 minutes after removed from heat.


Happiness is a warm puppy….

So for the first time in eons, I am feeling 100% happy.  I keep waiting for the bubble to burst, because that’s the kind of person I am…. but for now lets share why.  Saturday we adopted a baby sister for Charli.  Wow, that sounds like a human, well in my world dogs are my life, my kids, and the reason I get up.  Literally!  If I am not out of bed at an acceptable time, Charli makes sure I am.

Now I posted Charli awhile ago, and she sure has grown:


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