Every woman (or girl) deserves to feel beautiful.  Honestly it’s sad how easy it is to forget this and how hard it is to remember that a majority of it is up to you and your perceptions of yourself.

This weekend I had a conversation with my niece that broke my heart.  We were at a Bazaar and she was carrying around a backpack.  I offered to carry it for her, and was surprised by the weight.  When I asked her what was in it she said apples and oranges.  I was confused.  What 6 year old brings apples and oranges to a fair with things like cotton candy and funnel cakes? She told me that she was on a “diet because dad says I’m fat.”  Whoa!  Stop right there, first of all I don’t think a 6 year old should know what a diet it or yet alone be told, even in a joking matter that she is fat.  She is not overweight, at all!  And if she was, that is certainly not the way to address it.  Perhaps it made me more angry than I should have been, but after what I have gone through these past few years I was genuinely enraged.  So what did I do?  I put on my best play nice face, and told her that no matter what anyone says she is beautiful and that as long as she is happy with herself that is what matters.  If she likes apples and oranges, exercise and sports that’s great.  However, no parent should ever tell their kid that they are fat.  I guess it kind of gets to me.  While my mother never called me fat, kids are impressionable and I did learn somethings from her that to this day I cannot shake.

One that comes to mind is eat everything on your plate.  While this is sound advice to not be wasteful and it is polite to your host…. I have made it extend to a pushy mother-in-law who always dishes up my plate for me.  I hate that I can’t just tell her I don’t like something, or that I eat it even if I hate it.  But it’s there, engrained in my head.  Now, let’s see I have gotten a little off topic….

I believe that every women regardless of size deserves to feel beautiful, so my challenge to you today is to do something that makes you feel that way.  Try one day at a time, and eventually we will all believe it!


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