Farmers Market Pasta


Pasta and chocolate are probably the two items I cannot live without.  I am a carbaholic.  Last night I ran to the farmers market on the way home and wanted to make a pasta dish.  This is a quick dish, that is relatively low in calories if you ignore the ratio of pasta to vegetables and that I like cheese.  I would have added more veggies and less pasta, but I really bought the veggies for another dish and the pasta was an afterthought on the way home.

Farmers Market Pasta

Grape Tomatoes
Corn on the Cob, cut off the cob
Broccolini (I had this in the freezer from a previous visit and decided to add it last minute, it would be better fresh)
Orchiette Pasta
Asiago Cheese and Fresh Mozarella
Fresh Oregano and Basil
Vegetable Stock
Garlic, chopped
Salt and Pepper

Bring pasta to a boil in water, when al dente remove from pan and drain.  Place pasta, fresh veggies and vegetable stock back into pan and let veggies “steam.” When stock is nearly absorbed or evaporated off add the herbs and salt and pepper.  Plate and top with fresh cheese.



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